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#1: In Which The Mad Ones Gather...

About “Of Unsound Mind”

To begin, here’s a few facts that might help you gain a better understand of where this all came from -

FACT #1 I grew up in a creative family, and began my journey in this industry as an actor.
FACT #2 I make a conscious effort to write a lot. I believe songwriting and storytelling is a craft that needs to be nurtured and taken seriously. You have to put the work in.
FACT #3 I’m always trying to find new and creative ways to tell stories.
FACT #4 I’m interested in gaining a deeper understanding of what makes someone a someone in the first place.

Which leads us here…

Unlike the personal nature of the recently released singles and upcoming album,  “Of Unsound Mind” is a different kind of exploration. Each “episode” will be a collection of original sound oddities pieced together in an effort to explore themes, genres and the human condition. A mixtape of sorts, combining all original material; Songs, Soundbites, and the spoken word.

I can’t speak to the frequency with which these little episodes will come out, but I’m excited to explore this new format and the possibilities it holds for creating different and unique stories.

Lastly, as always, I hope you enjoy what you hear and that it may bring you something to wonder about…

Your ever-exploring,
Daggy Man.