Daggy Man releases debut album "A Lazy Kind Of Pain"

“A Lazy Kind Of Pain” is the debut album from singer/songwriter Thomas Calder’s newest project “Daggy Man”.

A lot has happened in the Past 2 years in the professional and personal life of Singer/songwriter Thomas Calder, Upon Returning home to Australia from a time living abroad, Calder found him self at a crossroads. What followed was a year of personal hardships and creative woes, resulting in what calder describes as “the most difficult period of my life so far.” 

But from bad things, good things grow, and through a long struggle, Calder rediscovered his need and love for music. What you hear on “A Lazy Kind Of Pain” is a person laid bare, struggling to understand the complexities of life, the sadness we all experience, and the absurdity of the thing we call “Existence”. 

“This album, and project, really just came out of nowhere, It became a way for me to digest, and to try and understand the pain and sadness I was experiencing, and find a way to the other-side of it. I needed to rediscover the beauty in things. I was completely lost and isolated, and I discovered through the process that music was really a way for me to try and save myself. Almost like letters, written to myself from the outside in, the songs were trying to keep me going, and affirm to me that life is worth living.”

But to call the record sad record would be misleading, A collection of 12 songs, “A Lazy Kind Of Pain” is a Beautiful, thoughtful journey through heart and mind. An exploration in empathy, it’s a naked, Honest, and extremely cathartic Record. An ultimately affirming message to anyone who might need some comfort.

“For me it’s about a connection, and In seeking to understand what I’m going through, I can only hope the songs offer an opportunity to help other people understand something in themselves. To be of some use in their lives in some small way.”

“A Lazy Kind Of Pain” is out everywhere February 16th.


"...Feels like it's playing inside your head and nowhere else..." - Richard Kingsmill
"This slowly but carefully starts at your feet and makes it's way around you till you're wrapped in some sort of calm, delicate trance you want to live in forever. Peaceful and tender." - Claire Mooney
"Each track was enticing and unassuming, emotional edges softened by the security of his complete artistic control." - AAA Backstage