New Daggy Man Short Film, "A Lazy Kind Of Pain"

TIN004-LazyKindOfPain-Poster-A3-fa1 (1).jpg

The making of "A Lazy Kind Of Pain", the debut Daggy Man album was a hugely important time in my life. My music became a way for me to digest and get through a struggle I'd been stuck in for a long while.

Filmmaking is another hugely important creative passion of mine and I wanted to explore and distill those same experiences and emotions that make up the songs in another format, which birthed a short film of the same name, "A Lazy Kind Of Pain" .

In collaboration with my brother Josh and some close friends and family, we put together a very personal and honest look into a very difficult part of my life. Made with great love and care, It's with great pleasure and pride I'm able to share another piece of the puzzle with you all. 

View the film in it's entirety below, ahead of it's release on MAY 11TH.

(You can find an unlisted link for sharing, which will be made public on the release date by clickin HERE)